Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been Tagged!!!!!!!!!!!

The Funnest Tag ever!!!!
The rules....10 photos, take them right away.. NOOOOO cleaning up first, tag five friends.

 #1 My favorite destination:  Any TROPICAL SUNNY beach  
#2 Self Portrait. All natural. I'm not feeling too Hot today.

#3 What are the kids doing right now? Blaise is playing his computer games.
 Brogan is asking me to put in the movie KING KONG
#4 My Closet:  Don't have many clothes.  Gina maybe I'll take some off your hands!!!!
#5 My laundry room. Look at that gorgeous wall paper. I love bunnies!
#6 The Fridge.  I need to go Grocery shopping!!!!!!
#7 My favorite room in the house would have to be my front room. The kids aren't allowed in here. So it's usually clean. 
#8 My favorite shoes.  I'm not much into fashion obviously, because these are my favorite.  So comfy!!!!!
#9 The Kitchen sink. Not very exciting!!!!!
#10 the downstairs Bathroom. I can't believe I'm even showing this picture.  Look how ugly that wall paper is.  It's horrible.  I'm just to tired to mess with it.

So i now tag Emily, Amanda, Daisha, Christy, and Tiffany, and anyone else that wants to do it!!!!!!

Farewell James

What can I say.  Today is an emotional one for me and the fam.  This is James' last day here is Salem, Oregon.  He leaves tomorrow morning early (like 4 in the morning) to the Airport and off the the MTC. So today we have to say our Goodbyes, which by the way I am horrible with. James will be gone for Two years. Ahhhhhhhh. I'm already getting tears in my eyes just thinking about it. And being pregnant doesn't help.  I am soo sad James to see you go.  You aren't just my Brother your one of my best friends. I'll miss hanging out with you.  And thanks for  going grocery shopping with me, so i didn't have to go by myself.  And thanks for  Always watching my kids whenever i needed you . Thanks for being such a great example to my little boys.  They look up to you.  But more importantly thanks for being their for my husband. He moved out here leaving all of his friends behind. And when we got here you befriended him, and for that i'm appreciative. Like Dustin said on Sunday you are the glue in this family. You always get people together and excited about whatever we were going to do.  You kept this family together! I love you James and i will miss you tremendously.  but i know what you are about to do is sooo important.  Good luck James.  See you in TWO years. 

Monday, June 9, 2008

The word is out!!!!!

Yes, it's true. The Pearson Family is adding another to the bunch.  WE are all very excited on this new bundle of joy to grace our presence in a little over 7 months.  Blaise is excited.  He knows there's a baby in mommy's tummy but knows it won't come out for a long time.  Brogan on the other hand has no idea what's coming.  He just says "baby tummy"," baby tummy" Steven i think is still in shock.  He keeps telling me that this is the last one.  He's done!!!!!  Me,  I am soo excited. I have been baby hungry for awhile. and  I just couldn't wait anymore.  So here I am Pregnant and having a baby. It just better be a girl!!!!!!