Monday, August 11, 2008


We finally made it to the Zoo a couple of days ago.  And it was well worth the wait. I have been begging Steven since it started getting warm, if we could go to the Zoo.  He always replied, no I'm busy!!!! I've been to the Zoo with the kids without him a couple of times.  But i really wanted him to come along at least once. I don't know what made him change his mind, but he finally said yes! And that's all that matters to me!
 We had a late start. We got to the Zoo around 3:00. The HOtTEST part of the day. I thought i was going to die!!!!!! It didn't phase the kids though, they were running around and were so excited to be at the Zoo with their Daddy.  I asked Blaise what animals he wanted to see. He just wanted to go on the train.  The animals were cool but he was there for the train ride. Brogan, he just loved the whole experience!!!   Dad was on camera duty.  Here are the photos he took of the big day.  Not many animals.... why are they always asleep .....or no where to be found ..... leave me a comment if you have ever seen the polar bears or the jaguars, or the really big seals. Or anything cool for that matter. 

  Giddy up Cowboy!
The one and only Elephant.
Brogan proud of himself for climbing this monkey thing.
My cute little family.  The boys all excited, about to take off on the fast train ride.    Top speed 3mph!  It was really relaxing for us parents.  Cool breeze and off our feet for a half hour!
Dinosaurs.  That was Blaise's favorite animal there!!!
The black bear taking a nap!
The eagles.
my chickadees.  

And last but not least the first ever sighting of a jaguar.  Do you see it? Well all and all we had a fabulous day at the Zoo.  Thanks Dad for the great Day!!!