Thursday, April 23, 2009


Just thought i would let you all know that the pearson's are still alive ( barely). Let's see what have I been up too????????   Oh yes... taking care of Beau(feeding him every couple hours..still)....... taking care of Blaise and Brogan our Dog Milo, and my Hubby. Trying to find a new place to call home. THe home we are in sold.  making an emergency trip to the dentist. and calling 911!  WEll that's about it in a nut shell.  But to explain the dentist trip and 911 call. Blaise and Brogan were playing swords(plastic ones people) and things got a little out of hand which happens with boys!!!!!!!! Blaise hit Brogan in the face.  What's left is a chipped gray tooth.  Poor Brogan he used to be the good looking one! Ha ha. Now for the 911 call. Exactly one week later Brogan and Blaise were jumping on the couch. Brogan fell off and hit his head and split it open. I'm not joking when i say it was like the movies. BLOOD WAS SQUIRTING OUT OF HIS HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was covered in blood in about 30 seconds.  (about the time it took me to get something to hold on his head, to stop the bleeding.) I had to call 911 my husband took the car snowboarding so i had no way to get him to the hospital. I thought Brogan was for sure going to bleed to death. there was so much blood for such a little guy. thank goodness for kyle and Elena they came to help me with Beau and Blaise. 5 staples later, Brogan is fine!!!! Me on the other hand traumatized!!!!!!!!!  Oh what am i to do. Life with three boys!!!!!!!  Guess I'll never have a dull moment!  WEll here are some pictures. Some are of Beau... he's getting so Big!!!! And some are of Blaise and Brogan Enjoy!!!!!