Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Pearson's Are ALIVE!!!!

I thought it was time that i get back to blogging!!!! (it has been awhile, sorry.)  But we are alive and are all doing well!  This has been a really busy July for us! I had my first major cupcake job. It went really well. Couldn't have gone any smoother!!!! Steven has been busy with work. He doesn't get a day off.  And the kids.... boys will be boys!!!!  We had an amazing fourth of july.  Steven's brother Jeremy was in town.  That was fun.  We got to go camping and boating for the first time this summer.  (and it was about time!!!!! ) I love camping.  i hope we can go at least one more time before the rain starts. Here are some random pictures of my cupcakes all 435 of them, to be exact.  And some pictures of the boys!!!! What kind of mom would i be if i didn't put pictures of them on here.  And a picture of Steven's latest purchase. His motorcycle!!!  And my big fat tummy! Enjoy!!!!!
These were my favorite.  I thought they were sooo cute.  And they did take the longest to make.
I loved these too! Little chocolate fudge sundaes With a cherry on top!! And don't forget the sprinkles!!!
Here's the first and probably last picture i'll take of my belly. I'm only 13 weeks and i look like ii'm due in a month or two!! What's up with that.  I heard you get bigger quicker with each one but come on.  I look like I'm having twins.
the cute brogan.  He made a place mat. Cool dude!!
Here's Blasie showing his off too!
I just loved this picture. Brogan always has the cheesiest smiles! 
Grandma came to visit. Here they are before church!
And for the boys! Here is Steven's new toy! He's loves this thing!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!

Steven and I just got back from our little getaway trip. We celebrated our Fifth wedding anniversary!!! We had an amazing time!!! We started off our trip in Seaside.  WE got there around 5:00.  We checked into the Shilo and got our room.  Dropped off all our stuff and went to see some of the cool stuff that Seaside has to offer.  And I can tell you i wasn't really impressed! They have one major road with shops, and arcades. The stores were all ghetto, and smelt really bad, except for the Roxy store, that was nice!!! The arcade would have been cool if we were 15, but the did have some good food! And the beach was awesome.                                                                                           Here is the first sunset we got to watch on our trip.  I ended up taking twelve pictures of the different sunsets we got to see on our trip.  I don't know what it is about the sunset.  but i can't help myself, i just take tons of pictures of it. 

Here I am feeling like crap. It was horrible timing, let's just say that.  Don't go on a vacation when your 8 weeks prego and have horrible all day sickness!!!! Won't do that again!!!!

Here's my Babe!! We got on the beach and saw that everyone was having little campfires.  I wanted one!! But of course didn't plan ahead and had nothing to make a fire.  Steven was eyeing  the beach and saw someone kicking out there fire.  He ran over there and asked if he could take their wood. Of course he could. So he brought it back and ended making a fire.  Your the best!!!!!! I actually was impressed!!! I  didn't think he could get it started.  But he did and it did the job. Keep us warm.
Here's another picture of the sunset that night.
We woke up the second day and drove down the 101 to Lincoln City.  We stopped in every little town. Not really to see them. But for me to get out and throw up!! Horrible i know.  It wasn't fun. But we did get to see some stuff that we wouldn't normally see.  Here at Pacific Beach are what they call the Twin Rocks.  Very pretty.
We also stopped at all those tourist spots of the side of the road were you can take pictures, for me to throw up.  But we managed to take some pictures as well.  Might as well make the best of it right?  soo here in the distance is a little house.
Steven catching up on his history about the light house.  And can i just say that  I have the best hubby around.  He was soo nice to me, even though i was quiet a handful.
Here's just another rock.  Pour Steven wanted to hike down there and walk around, but i just wasn't feeling good enough. Maybe next time!
And a couple more pictures of the rocks!!! Much prettier in person
We finally made it to Lincoln City.  And this was the best part of the trip!!!! The Star Fish Manor.  This place is amazing. (thanks Jenn) It was by far the highlight of the trip, besides shopping!!!! Super quiet, no kids allowed, very clean, and very romantic. if you ever go to lincoln City you must stay here. you won't regret it.
Here's my favorite picture i took of the sunset on that night. This was the view we had form our room.  We could have sat on our bed to watch it but it was so nice outside. 
Again the sunset! How beautiful. 
Here is a picture of our jacuzzi tub in our room. Again this place is awesome.
And our bed which was soooo comfortable. It was like sleeping on clouds.
We went to alot of different beaches.  This one was in Taft.  Me feeling good, for once during the trip.
WE got to see some seals.  They were cute. Jumping in the water and playing around. It was fun to watch!
The one and only picture we got taken with each other.  I hate to ask people to take our picture. So for that we only got one.  
Steven acting a little shy around the topless mermaid!
Here we are leaving Taft. 
we took a lot more picture, but i won't bore you with them.  We went to the outlets one day.. WE stayed at the casino on our last night but i was feeling way to sick that day to take any pictures.  We ate at some fabulous places. Kyllos was great.  Thanks Gina for the tip.  And  even went to see a movie on Saturday.  All in all the trip was very relaxing and romantic. Thanks Steven for a fabulous time.  you are the best.  I love you! Happy Five years Babe!  And to many more!