Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oregon Our New Home

Hello Everyone!
The Pearson Family is now in Oregon! We moved here in the middle of June. Wow time flies, feels like we just got here. We are staying at my parents house. It's been fun, most of the time. I'm sure my parents want us out, but they won't have to wait too much longer. We found a house not to far from here. We're actually going to live within a mile, of my brothers and sister. Kinda weird, but at the same time it will be really cool. We move in, at the begining of November.
So we still have a good solid month with my
parents. Hopefuly we can stand each other until
then. Hee Hee. My poor parents with my kids

Speaking of the kids. Blaise is Great. He is almost 4. Blaise is so independent. He doesn't need my help for much anymore. He can put in a movie by himself put his shoes on by himself , go to the bathroom by himself. play video games, he's a big boy these days. And when he wants, he can really be a big help. Blaise absolutely loves it here. I ask him once in a while if he wants to move back to Utah, and he always responds the same NO! He loves his cousins.

At Nana's house you can hear if someone is coming up the driveway, so Balise will run to the door to see who it is, and if it's his cousins He'll scream MY COUSINS ARE HERE! It's really cute. He couldn't be happier.

Now Brogan on the other hand. He is almost 2. That just speaks for itself. He is everywhere. He leaves a little trail of where he's been, which is in every room in the house. It's just one thing after the next. Pouring the dog food in the water. Putting the whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet and flushing it, spilling whatever you give him to eat or drink then jumping on it. AHHHHH!

He is cute though, once in awhile. He tries to be just like his brother. Whatever Blaise is doing, Brogan has to do the same. He loves his big brother. They are two pees in a pod.

Steve is working for the big man. My dad. Steve isn't a man of many words, but i think he likes it. The goal is to work with my dad for the rest of the year, and learn the tricks and trade of the business. Then next year he can have his own truck. And eventually when my dad retires Steve will become more of a part owner. So hopefully all works out. When Steve isn't working he likes to snowboard.

We've been having alot of fun while we've been here. The
kids and i have gone to the zoo, the OMSI museum, we also went camping at the Oregon Dunes. We had such a blast

We went to the Zoo with Dustin and Deon's Fam. Had a awesome trip at the zoo. Aren't cousins great!

The Boys had so much fun at the dunes. Neither one of them ever wanted to get of the quad. They are true boys through and through. They're just like their daddy.No Fear.

The kids had a great time at OMSI.

I am always the one to take the picture, so i thought i would take one of myself. :)