Wednesday, December 12, 2007

HaPpY BIrTHdAy bRoGaN !

Here we are at Paddingtons to celebrate Brogans 2nd Birthday, and Deons and kyle's and Nicks!!! We decided instead of going to someones house lets just go out. So Paddingtons it was. When my Family gets together it is madness. So for those poor people who decided they wanted to go to Paddingtons that night for dinner. I appologize, for the loud screaming kids, and for singing happy birthday four times in a row. And for the children running around and yelling. I'm sorry!!!! But that's what happens when we get together!!!!!

The little amigos. oops! looks like we had an accident! Oh well, Marley's got it taken care of. :)
Brogan and Deacon are absent in this picture, they get to sit with the adults. These kids are crazy when we get together. Pretty soon they'll be out numbering us adults. Right now there are 12 adults 13 if nanny is with us. And as of now there are 9 kids. The 10th grandchild will be here in 1 month.(wow Gina, not much longer,) It will be so exciting to have a baby in the family again!

Here's the Birthday Boy! i can't believe Brogan is TWO. My little boy is little no longer! Kids, they grow up so fast. This year being home, Brogan now gets to share his birthday with three other family members. That's what happens when you have a big family. He got to share his birthday party....

With His Anut Deon. Happy Birthday Deon!

With his Uncle Kyle, Happy Birthday Kyle!

And last but not least, with his Uncle Nick. Happy Birthday Nick!

Here are a few pictures of Brogan opening his presents. He was adorable. He was so excited to see what was in those bags. Does he looked excited to you?

Happy Birthday again to Brogan, Aunt Deon, Uncle Nick, and Uncle Kyle!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our Christmas Tree Adventure!

Brogan is all excited to get a Christmas Tree.

Blaise and Brogan had a blast picking out a tree this year.Even though it was freeeezzzzing.

We decided this year to get our tree bailed. Let me tell you, it was well worth the three bucks!

Getting bailed

This is what it looked like when it was finished!

Blaise is all excited to have his dad put the star on the tree

Steven putting on the star

Blaise got to help his Dad set up the train track!

Blaise got to clean up all the pine needles off the flloor with the shop vac. He had fun doing other things with it!!

Here it is all finished. Doesn't it look Great!!!