Monday, October 8, 2007

Chuck E Cheese!!!

Blaise's Birthday Party!

Blaise had a Awesome Birthday this year. He is now 4 years old. Man he's getting old. We went to chucke cheese for his birthday. He and his cousins had a blast! We were all there except for Uncle Nick, and Uncle Kyle, they had to work. Aren't we a good looking bunch! We ate some yummy pizza. And got to play all the fun games.

We even got to see Chucke Himself. The kids loves that. Blaise got alot of cool presents.James got him the coolest Ninja Turtle Movies. Blaise just loves them. Thanks James your the man. He got a rad remote control truck for the Fredinburg fam. Thanks guys. He loves it. Elena and the girls got him some Ninja Turtle toys. The bad guys, so now Blaise can fight the bad guys with his Ninja Turtles. Nana and Papa got him the Party wagon for the Ninja Turtles. It even shoots out pizza. Blaise got a kick out of it. He also got a cool Power ranger transformer. He's always messing around with it, thanks Dustin and family. And we can't forget the cool presents he got form Grandma and Grandpa Bob, and Uncle Jeremy. He got some cars, a cool tire case, and a remote control helicopter. Thanks everyone. Man it was like Christmas all over again. He hasn't had a birthday party like this ever. So thanks family, for coming and for the presents. and for making this party one to remember. He'll never forget.

Make a Wish Blaise! I asked him later that day what he wished for. He said "Nothing".

Yummy Cupcakes! Brogan had a blast. He was loving it. He insisted that he eat the cupcake all by himself he wouldn't let anyone help. Oh brother.

WOW! What did you get Blaise?
Cool Ninja Turtles. He loves Ninja Turtles. And now thanks to everyone he has the whole set, even some bad guys, and accessories. How fun!

Friday, October 5, 2007


Did I have the scare of my life last night or what? Yesturday I took my mom downtown to go shopping. We had a crazy time with my kids, but that's expected when you take them shopping all day. We had just finished and we were on our way home when my mom decided that she wanted to stop at T.J. Max. So we stopped. We were there for a good hour when we finally made it to the dressing rooms. My kids were trying on hats left and right and showing Nana their picks as she was changing. My mom was finally done so I told the kids lets go. Of course Brogan ran the oppostie direction, so i went after him as my mom got all her clothes together that she was going to buy. My Mom and I headed out of the dressing rooms, and on the way out calling for Blaise. My Mom started to panic, "Blaise he's not answering" I told her oh, it's fine Blaise is probably trying on more hats. So we looked by the hats. No Blaise. So my mom and i split up and are yelling "Blaise" No Answer. A good 3 minutes pass by, so now some of the ladies that work there started to help. Then out of nowhere a lady asks me if I'm looking for a little boy. I said YES. She told me that she had seen a little boy wearing a hat outside in the parking lot not too long ago. We all ran outside and started yelling for Blaise, again no answer. At that moment i was terrified. What if Blaise was taken, what if he got ran over by a car, what if.. what if.. what if.. was running through my head. I eventually make it over to my car, when i see Blaise's little face pressed against the window. I threw open the door, and realized not only did he leave without me. The little cowboy hat that he had tried on was placed under my seat. That child, boy did he get it. He had a hard lesson to learn that day. Don't leave the store without your mommy, and don't steal. Ahhhh, looks like we surived another day barely.

Nanny 911 Tip #1

Tip #1 Put yourself In Time Out.

I know sounds wierd , but it works. When you have just had it with your kids and are frazzled, put yourself in timeout. Tell your kids that YOU have been mean to them and that you are going to timeout. They'll be in awe. Go somewhere in the house where you're alone and take a minute to yourself, to whine down and relax. It really works,I tried it, and Blaise got a kick out of it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yummy Cookies


It's a yucky day outside so we (Blaise, Brogan and myself) decided to make halloween sugar cookies today. Aren't they cute?Blaise was a big help stiring the batter and spreading on the icing. Brogan just ate the frosting and cookies. Thanks Bro's. We made ghosts, pumpkins, moons, and bats. We're going to deliver them to our cousins once they cool off. Yummy!

Nanny 911

Last night my mom came home late from shopping. She was showing me all the nice clothes she had just purchased for great deals, when she pulled out a book she got for me.
NANNY 911 is what it read. ( Is she trying to tell me something) No, we all know my kids are handfuls. No surprise there. So i started flipping through the pages and ended up reading 70 some pages. There was alot of useful tips. So this morning i woke up at 7:00 AM, and let me remind you Iam not a morning person at all. So woke up really early made my husband and kids breakfast, and started my day. Kids have been in time out atleast 5 times today, and it's only 9:00 am, today is going to be a long day, but so far so good. I love my kids life just wouldn't be as sweet without them. To NANNY 911, thanks for all the great insights, and knowledge. Now it's all up to me to use what i have learned. Wish me luck!