Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love Change

We found a place to call home, and I love it here! WE moved just a few miles away..... so everything is still familiar! I now live up the hill from my sister! Didn't plan to stay so close but that's just how it all worked out! my boys like it here too, we have a big back yard that they love to play in. I love change.  I hate moving out......but love to move in! It's so fun to know that everything is clean and in order, and i love to see where my decor will go. It's like playing interior designer!    I'll have to take some pictures, once ii have everything in place!  Well, we are all doing very well. Beau is getting so big. He's wearing 6 -12 month clothes, and he's only three months!!!!! Crazy!!!!!!!!! Time goes by so I'm trying my hardest to enjoy every moment..even if it's at two in the morning!!!!!!  Well, got to go.......... We're going camping this weekend, have to start packing! Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!