Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Come one Come All!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's the thing.... i am having a Salad Master Party, at my house on May 8th. ( I think it's a Thursday). and i don't have anyone coming. I need Two couples. I know what your thinking.... I've got to now at least two couples. And i do,.... but they came to my last party. Now, I do have a lot of family here, but they too have already been to the parties. (gina's) So i am trying to find Two new couples that want to come to my house for a free dinner. Yes, a free dinner. The food is great, the presentation is awesome, and if you like to cook then, you must come. You'll have a great time. please let me know if you are interested in coming. Leave me a comment if you have questions.  Oh, and i can't forget to tell you the best part.  if you book just one show yourself, you get this food processor for free, it's worth $420.00.  (That's why I am having a party!!!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I thought i would update all of you, about Brogans fall. He seems to be fine. He's jumping off the couches, and wrestling with his brother, so all seem to be back to normal, until i get a glance of the kids poor eye. his eye looks horrible!!!!!I took some more pictures this morning to show you how it looks. The swelling has gone down a little, but it still looks pretty nasty. Hopefully by Sunday it looks a lot better. I don't want people in nursery to think i abuse my kid or something horrible like that. So here are some pic's of the eye. Don't mind the orange stuff all over his face. He ate cheeto's with his lunch.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's next!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what it is about Brogan, but i don't think he'll live to see his next birthday. He is getting hurt all the time. I think i might have him start wearing a helmet or something!

Poor thing has had a rough couple of years. I could list all of his injuries, but i wouldn't want to bore you with such a long list. But let's just say that he has had a couple doozers.
He's had surgery on his toe, to reattach the main tendon.( Poor guy that was horrilbe!!!!! ) He's had a couple concussion. And then today hit's his head on the hearth,the lower part of the fireplace. ( i think that's what it's called) It's just one thing after the next with this kid. I feel like a horrible mother, but what am i supposed to do. Put padding in his clothes and put a helmet on him! (That would be ridiculous.) Oh Brogy, I love you, but will you please just take it easy and stop hurting yourself. I want you to live and long and healthy life, with all of your limbs attached! ha ha. Anyways, here are some pictures i found of Brogan and his injuries!

This is when he had surgery on his big toe.  Poor thing almost cut the whole thing off.
Here's another pic of the Brogan.
This is what happened today.  I'm i a bad mom or what.  Here my kid is hurt and i go run and get the camera to take some pictures.  
Just in case you couldn't see his poor eye in the first photo here is another one. Man that looks like it hurts. 

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Motorcycle Time

I know some of you out there, are probably thinking to yourself as you read this blog, that Steven and i are a little crazy..... or a lot crazy for getting Blasie a motorcycle. Yes , A MOTORCYCLE. Steven and i have been talking about getting him one for awhile now, and last week we found a really good deal on one, so...... Blaise now has a little PW 50. We took Blaise to the Albany track yesterday, for his first attempt to ride on the track. Let me just say i was so PROUD!!!! He did an awesome job. He's a natural just like his Daddy! Here are some pictures of the big day!

Here is Steven getting some Huge Air!

Blaise and Steven heading out for the track!! Mom is a little nervous!
Blaise going down a steep hill.  Don't forget your Brakes!!!
Blaise getting some.  If you look close, he's holding his feet up so they don't get muddy. 
The Proud Parents!! WE had such a fun time watching Blaise, he was tooo cute!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Keri's Kreations "Sweeten your Day"

Well the word is out. I'm starting my own business. I love cooking and baking, so i decided why not make some money doing it.
It all started about 4 months ago. I was asked to do the food for a baby shower. My mom did all the fruit and cheese stuff i did the sweets. I decided to make these mini cupcakes. I went all out. they were gourmet. There were six to eight different flavors. I got so many compliments. They were a huge hit. WEll a couple months passed, and i did them for a birthday party. Again huge success. Then Gina asked me to do them for Shalyse's baby shower. They could only be pink and brown. So i got all of Shlayse's favorite candy and made some more gourmet mini cupcakes. Again everyone loved them. So by this time I'm thinking, i need to start making money. I then get a call a couple of days ago, asking if I can do a wedding function. I'm so excited. I've been brain storming on what to call my business. First it was Keri's Kakes, but I'm not doing cakes. So then i thought about Keri's Kupcake Kreations. But that won't work. KKK, not a good idea. So Keri's Kreations it is. Wish me luck on this new adventure, hopefully it takes me somewhere great.

Grandma's are the Best!

What do you do when Grandma's come to visit. I know they come to see the grankids. obvious, but they don't want to just sit around the house,and hang out with them.( There's absolutely no fun in that.) So what fun is there to do in Salem Oregon, when it's raining, hailing, and snowing, outside. WEll you go to the Carousel. It's covered!!!! So off we went.

Here's Broggy and Grandma. Brogan wasn't quite sure what to think about the whole thing. Usually he has no fear, and attempts everything his brother does. But i could tell that he was a little nervous. He wouldn't let go of that horse.

Blaise had a great time. He went on all by himself the second time!! What a big boy.

Kids are hilarious. What's so fun about going around and around on a horse. Not to mention it makes me sick looking at it. It goes so fast, and in such a little room. Oh well, my kids had a blast. I just hope Grandma had fun!

Well one day down. Now what!! Grandma was going to be with us for 5 days. Now what do we do????? I know, what about the Gilbert House. I have a Family Pass that gets us into all the museums and zoo here in Oregon for free! So we decided the Gilbert House it is. The kids had a awesome time. They had so much fun with all the hands on exhibits. I think their favorite room was the bubble room. That used to be my favorite to when i was little. Here are some pictures i took of the big day at the Gilbert House.

Here's Blaise and McKaylee, in the China Room. I think we stayed in this room the longest. being that we were the only one's in this room. It was Spring Break when we decided to go , so it was really crowded.

Brogan loved this school bus. He didn't want to leave. He and his cousins had fun playing school, and bus driver.

Blasie had so much fun making bubbles. Elena you rock look at the huge Bubble!!!

Brogan and Marley, two peas in a pod! Don't they look like Brother and sister?

Brogan had fun in the theatre room. He liked playing peek-a-boo with grandma!

Here's the gang. We had a fun time with Grandma, at the Gilbert House. Thanks Grandma for coming!!!

Well i hope Mary had a good time visiting us. We ran errands the other 2 days she was here. WE even got to drive by some of her old house she used to live in. That's was neat. Grandma even got to play the x box. We got her playing rock band. It was hilarious. She actually did really well.
Well Mary, I hope you had a good time while you were here. WE miss you already. Can't wait to see you in June!! WE Love you Grandma!!!!!!!